It's so cold and it hurt so much.But compared to the world I lived in, this is nothing.And when I was back home and when I felt alone.was it my only heart that was frozen..?


Goddess of Underworld
Name Hel
Kanji ヘル
Gender Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Yellow Green
Relatives Loki(Father) Yamino(Brother) Spica(Mother) Fenrir(Brother)
Race Goddess
First Appearance
Voice Actors
Japanese Omi Minami
English Rozie Curtis

 Introduction Edit

Loki's only daughter, sister of Jormungand & Fenrir. She has a  strong obsession with her father,though the nature of it differs between the manga and anime. In the anime, she is seen to be trying to kill Loki at first as Odin told her that Loki and her brothers no longer care for her and hated her, thus, making her wanting to make Loki experience the same kind of pain she experienced.

In the manga, she wishes to kill her father so that he will always be with her in the underworld.


Portrayed as an adolescent girl with wavy pink hair, green eyes and glasses.


Hel is a quiet, stoic and a loner person. She seems to be a book-lover, carrying some books when she appears. 



Loki is the father of Hel.

Hel is obsessed with Loki both in the anime and manga. But this gets dangerous when she wishes to kill her father.. Reasons differ in the anime and manga.

In the anime she wants to kill him so that he will feel the same pain she felt. But in the manga she wants to kill him in order for Loki to stay in the underworld with her. Loki did look sad when she faded away. 


Yamino or Jormungand is Hel's older brother. 

Yamino is concerned with Hel's condition, seeming sad when she's mentioned. He often wonders how she is at the moment, even telling Loki that he bets that she's grown up into such a beauty.


Hel's Older Brother.


Hel's Mother.


  • It seems like she is the only one of the three children to actually look a bit like one of her parents.

(Her green eyes is similar to her father's)

  • In the manga it is said that Loki didn't bring Hel in Midgard because she's the 'cursed' child and her body will rot because of this.