First Night - Demon Detective Appears
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 4/5/03
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creepy doll thing

First Night - Demon Detective Appears is the first episode in The Mythical Detective Loki anime.


Episode One starts with our flighty protagonist, Mayura Daidouji, who learns from a classmate that an old, nearby clocktower is rumored to be haunted. Being the responsible person that she is, Mayura immediately cuts class and goes to investigate. At the tower, she finds a creepy talking doll, and decides to take it home with her. At home, Mayura's dad comes in, and we find out that he's a Shinto priest, who performs "exorcisms", while not actually believing in ghosts or spirits. Meanwhile, some random cat steals the creepy doll, putting Mayura into a frenzy. She eventually enlists the help of The Enjaku Detective Agency, owned by a little boy, Loki. Loki and his butler, Yamino, don't agree to help, but do some investigating on their own. On her own, Mayura returns to the clock tower. Outside, she picks up the doll who sweetly asks Mayura to bring her to the top of the clocktower. Mayura agrees. Upstairs, the doll begins attacking her.

Meanwhile, Loki and Yamino come across a random old lady who happens to be hanging around. The woman tells them both about a tragedy that occurred in the clocktower, where a young girl was killed in a fire. This young girl happened to have a prized posession, a lovely little doll. Only back then, this doll didn't talk. Loki, realizing that the doll is posessed, rushes to the clocktower where he manages to save Mayura in the nick of time. After Loki fights off the doll for a while with an epic looking staff, Mayura is posessed by the spirit of the young girl, who calms down the doll, and they are then both able to be at rest. A little while later, Mayura is making herself at home at the Enjaku Detective Agency, where she declares to Loki and Yamino that she will
Little boy Loki

little boy Loki

work there and be a detective as well.